Tapiola Youth Piano Competition
Nov 4–9, 2019

PianoEspoo Festival invites young pianists to take part in the Tapiola Youth Piano Competition, organized this year for the third time. There are four competition categories. Three are for candidates who study piano at a music institution in Finland’s Capital Region. The fourth is an international category open for pianists between 11–15 years of age from everywhere in the world. The competition takes place in Espoo’s Sello Hall and in Louhi Hall at Espoo Culture Center during the PianoEspoo Festival. Application deadline is Aug 31, 2019.

Results of the competition:


Ostinato Giftcard
Andrew Guo
Elsa Suontama
ZhanYi Wang

Money prizes
100 € Venla Katila
100 € Yuchen Liu
100 € Olli Oksava
100 € Yifan Wang
100 € Ethan Xu


Ostinato Giftcard

Kuisma Pylkkänen
Lumia Simos
ZhanQiu Wang


Money prizes
100 € Yuxin Liu
100 € Ella Oksava
100 € Yuhan Wu
50 € Leo Gao
50 € Niilo Suontama
50 € Shania Yu


Ostinato Giftcars

Sujin Kim
Aino Martelius
Aarni Luukkanen
Lilian Wang

Money prizes
150 € Juri Kauhanen
150 € Bettina Milian
100 € Beáta Ponyi
100 € Anni Sipilä


Ostinato Giftcard 

Carita Irjas
Hans Matthias Kari
Trevor Tarto

Mandatory Finnish Composition 

Vilina Rainisto 500 €
Helena Bollen 250 €
Julia Elomaa 250 €

Music from a composer born before the year 1700 

Vilina Rainisto 750 €
Ilona Liiman 250 €

Work of free choice

Isabella Pätiälä 300 €
Vilina Rainisto 300 €
Ilona Liiman 200 €
Tong Zhao 200 €

Bösendorfer-prize “Mozart Piano Concerto” 

Isabella Pätiälä 750 €
Anlan Fu 375 €
Vilina Rainisto 375 €


Groups I, II and III are open for contestants up to 15 years of age who are students at the music institutes of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen, and Vantaa) excluding students from the Sibelius Academy.

Group I is for contestants up to 9 years of age
Group II is for contestants between 10–12 years of age
Group III is for contestants between 13–15 years of age

Group IV is open for contestants between 11–15 years of age from everywhere in the world.

Contestants’ considered age is their age on the starting day of the entire competition, November 4th, 2019.


Niklas Pokki (Director of Piano Studies at Sibelius Academy) serves as the Jury chairman for groups I, II, and III. Erik T. Tawaststjerna (Prof. Emeritus) serves as the Jury chairman for group IV.

Other Jury members:

Group I: Meri Louhos, Irina Zahharenkova
Group II: Kristiina Kask-Valve, Marita Viitasalo
Group III: Eeva Havulehto, Fanny Söderström

Group IV: Till Fellner, Tuija Hakkila, Katariina Nummi-Kuisma

Video selection Jury: Paavali Jumppanen, Ella Untamala, and Jaakko Untamala

Competition Committee

Rebekka Angervo, Anu Ekholm, Antti Hotti, Juho Keränen, Eero Manninen, Taru Myöhänen-Mäkelä, Sanna Vaarni, Antti Vahtola, and Paavali Jumppanen (chairman of the committee), and Veera Paasi (secretary of the committee).

String quartet

In Group IV the Second round performance of the Mozart concerto will be accompanied by a string quartet consisting of violinists Terhi Paldanius and Eriikka Maalismaa, violist Hanna Hohti, and cellist Petja Kainulainen.


All contestants will receive a diploma signed by all Jury members.

In each of the Groups I, II, and III prizes amounting to the sum of €500 will be awarded. The Jury may award the prizes according to their decision. 

In Group IV, one or more prizes will be awarded in three following categories. The complete sum for these prizes is €3000. The categories are:

  • Works by composers born before the year 1700
  • Mandatory Finnish works
  • Works of contestants’ free choice

I addition, a Bösendorfer-prize will be awarded to one or more contestants in the category “Mozart Piano Concerto”. The total sum of this prize category is €1500.

Performances from both rounds will be considered and also contestants who don’t reach the second round may qualify for the prizes. Competition prize ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 9th in the Sello Hall in Espoo at 6 pm.

Kilpailua tukevat


For groups I, II, and III, the rules and repertoire are listed only in Finnish.

Rules for Group IV

1. The Tapiola Youth Piano Competition is organized in connection with the PianoEspoo Festival. The organizer is Espoo Music Festivals Association in cooperation with the Competition Committee. Group IV takes place in Espoo, Finland between November 7–9, 2019. The prize ceremony takes place on November 9, 2019.

The competition’s philosophy is that of a survey. Each contestant will receive a diploma. In addition, prizes amounting to €4500 will be awarded in the categories of the repertoire requirements.

2. Group IV is open for contestants between 11–15 years of age from everywhere in the world, regardless of nationality. Contestants’ considered age is their age on the starting day of the entire competition (November 4th, 2019).

3. The maximum amount of 20 pianists will be selected to the competition from the video selection round. The actual competition consists of two rounds, the first taking place on November 7th, 2019, and the second taking place on November 9th, 2019. The Jury will select approximately 10 contestants to the second round.

4. The application period begins on April 29th. The applicants must submit the electronic application form no later than August 31st, 2019 at 11.59 pm (Finnish time, EEST, UTC + 2). The video for the video selection must be provided at the same time. The names of the contestants selected into the competition will be announced on the competition’s website on September 9th, 2019. The contestants selected into the competition will also be notified by email. The contestants may make adjustments into the competition repertoire until September 9th, 2019. The possible changes must be submitted by email to matilda.akerblom(at)pianoespoo.fi with “Repertoire adjustment / competitors name / competition group” in the subject field of the email.

The video for the video selection must contain two works, which must fill the following requirements:

  • At least one work must be part of the actual competition repertoire
  • At least one work must be in a fast tempo


5. Each contestant must pay the application fee of €50 no later than September 30th, 2019 into the account (IBAN) FI60 8000 1770 8312 96, (SWIFT) DABAFIHH, Espoo Music Festivals, P.O.Box 205, 02101 Espoo, Finland. The information field of the payment must state the competitor’s name. Failing to submit the application fee on time will be considered as a cancellation of the participation. In case a contestant cancels the participation after having paid the application fee, the application fee shall not be returned.

6. The playing order will be drawn by the Competition Committee after the confirmation of participation. The playing order will be stated on the competition website and contestants will be notified of it by email on October 15th, 2019.

7. The contestants and their teachers must take care of travel arrangements, accommodation, and meals during the competition. The contestants are responsible for taking any necessary insurances themselves.

8. The competition is a public event. The organizer has the right to photograph, record, video record, broadcast, televise, and stream in the internet the competition performance without a financial compensation to the contestants, including the music composed by the contestants. The Jury has the right to order a contestant to stop the performance in case the maximum time is exceeded.

Only the organiser has the right to photograph, record, or video record the competition.

9. The organizer has the right to make changes into the competition schedule.

10. Questions relating to the repertoire or organization of the competition bust be submitted to the competition office. In case of any dispute, it is the Competition Committee that decides upon the issues.

11. The original language of these rules is Finnish. Any disputes will be settled on the basis of the Finnish text.


Video Selection
Along with the application form, the applicants must send a link (e.g. youtube, dropbox, etc.) to a video containing two works, which must fill the following requirements:
– At least one work must be part of the actual competition repertoire
– At least one work must be in a fast tempo

The duration of the video must not exceed 10 minutes. The works on the video must be solo works.

First round (maximum duration 20 minutes):
– Music from a composer born before the year 1700
– At least one work form the list of Finnish music (see below)
– One or more works of free choice

Second round (maximum duration 20 minutes):
– One or more works of free choice
– A movement in fast tempo from the following concertos by W. A. Mozart

  • 11 in F Major K. 413, 1stor 3rdmovement
  • 12 in A Major K. 414, 1stor 3rdmovement
  • 13 in C Major K. 415, 1stor 3rdmovement


The Mozart concerto movement will be accompanied by a string quartet provided by the competition. Each contestant will have the opportunity to rehearse with the string quartet on November 8th, 2019 for 30 minutes.The repertoire performed by the contestant may include an improvisation or a composition by the contestant.

The repertoire performed by the contestant must contain at least one work in a fast tempo.

The performing order of the required works can be decided by the contestant.

Except for the mandatory Finnish composition, all works must be performed from memory.

The Finnish work for the First round must be chosen from the following list:

  • Einojuhani Rautavaara: The Fiddlers (at least two movements)
  • Joonas Pohjonen: Play the Piano (one or more movements)
  • Usko Meriläinen: Tre notturni per piano (at least two movements)
  • Aarre Merikanto: 6 Piano Pieces Op. 20 (one or more movements)
  • Erik Bergman: Intervalles Op. 34 (one or more movements)
  • Ilmari Hannikainen: A la fointaine Op. 12 No. 2
  • Helvi Leiviskä: Sonatine (in its entirety)

Sheet music for Joonas Pohjonen’s composition can be ordered through Music Finland (www.core.musicfinland.fi/works/play-the-piano), and for the other works on the list as a compilation volume through Ostinato sheet music shop (www.ostinato.fi/en/). Feel free to contact the competition organiser in case you need assistance in locating the sheet music.


Matilda Åkerblom
+358 50 46 63 665